Tommy Guilfoyle

Seattle-Wall Street

Wall Street Group

2420 2nd Ave

Seattle, WA 98121

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Tommy Guilfoyle blends his academic training in economics with over 25 years of experience in the financial services industry. Specializing in residential real estate throughout the Seattle area, Tommy provides a comprehensive, collaborative approach for residential real estate sellers and buyers. This top down approach includes:

    • A needs based analysis 

    • Review of current local market conditions and forecast of where the market is heading

    • An interpretation of that information as it relates to your real estate assets 

    • Custom negotiation strategies 

    • Skilled coordination, expert transaction management and exceptional customer service

    • Annual reviews of your real estate assets 

Tommy G graduated from Boston University with a degree in Economics. He is an avid skier, boater, competitive sailor, craft beer enthusiast and a cancer survivor.