Melody Paxton

Seattle-Wall Street

Windermere Real Estate/Wall Street, Inc.

2420 2nd Ave. At Wall St.

Seattle, WA 98121

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Office: (206) 448-6400

Mobile: (206) 909-0211

Fax: (206) 448-6400



Website: melodypaxton.com


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What can a Real Estate Warrior Do for You?

Ask yourself this, what would happen in your life if your broker... •Made it so you could stop staring at your real estate app? •Had a comprehensive professional team from lender to mover to help you? • Was passionate about staying active in the community, including attending the SPD Sea Stat meeting to learn about community safety? • Kept current with building changes in Seattle? • Provided you with real estate statistics in your area of interest? • Could advise you on issues related to our new waterfront? • Valued continuing education and remained on the leading edge of real estate in Seattle • Maintained a reputation in the real estate community of integrity?

Melody Paxton is a Real Estate Warrior...

Imagine how it would feel to have a warrior working on your behalf with true integrity. A warrior dedicated to continuing a life of service that started out in the 6th grade working in her grandparent’s restaurant after school and continued on while earning a master’s degree in education. Client care and elite customer service is a life she was born into and she is beyond proud and thrilled to call Windermere her professional home; a company that values education, relationships, and service is really the perfect match. Can you even imagine?

Her word as “your warrior…”

Making you the absolute priority and first concern. As your warrior her promise to you the client is to insure you have the most amount of information in the room, positioning you to make an informed decision and achieving your goal.

Resources: Even a warrior needs a team

Buying or selling a property is best accomplished with a team of professionals. This warrior is privileged to work with some of the best our city has to offer. 1. Buying or selling a home can be very emotionally challenging. Your warrior will keep you on track to accomplish your goals and dreams, having your back at every turn. 2. Your warrior is there to “see” the home you are selling through the eyes of a buyer and prepare it so new buyers will fall in love with it like you did. Whether it needs staging, cleaning, decluttering, or just a refresh this warrior team has got everything you need. 3. Having an excellent rapport in the real estate in community is extremely valuable and essential. The legal contract is there to protect you but at the end of the day it really is all about relationships, trust, and communication. You will enjoy this process and see your real estate dreams come true. 4. What’s in home? It’s not just the walls that surround and protect you, it’s the community at large which enhances your lifestyle. Do you want a jaw dropping view, restaurants just steps away, lively night life, peace & quiet, gardens or rooftop? I LOVE this city and promise to match the real you with the lifestyle of your dreams. 5. It isn’t always more money that will get you what you want. It is a warrior thinking outside the box that will get you there to the finish line unscathed, happy, and victorious! It's Personal: *A portion of every sale is donated to Mikey's Chance Animal Rescue